Storms Dont Last Forever; We will defeat Covid-19 - Now Lets get back to Work

These are difficult times and everything in life looks so gloomy. However, the only way from here is towards the brightness. We have seen the worst and even this shall pass. Try to stay Positive and remember that sun shall still rise tomorrow.
Lets understand that why are we calling this a difficult time. Almost half of the world population is currently in lockdown and at home. Our heart goes out to the Health care and Public Service professionals who are at the front line fight this war for us to keep us safe.


Why are governments, experts, scientists are calling this to the worst time which our generation would see? This is because, we shall overcome the menace of Corona Virus definitely but that shall come at a cost. The world will not be the world we are used to. It will change! Most importantly, it is going to impact our livelihoods. How we live, how we spend, how we eat, how we meet; everything will eventually change.


The businesses and economies will also face the impact. So, there is no perfect solution to this but then there are some steps which we can take to reduce the pain and be in a slightly better position to manage the situation when the dust settles on this storm. How to manage business impact needs to be very similar to how our scientists and governments are fighting the Corona virus. This needs to be done with same seriousness and aggression. There is no remedy or cure for it but if we take certain steps, then we can avoid contracting it and if we have already got it then there are certain steps that can be taken to recover from it. Business recovery from Corona virus has to be very similar to the recovery of a Covid-19 stricken patient.


First and foremost, Do Not Panic! and there is no need for knee jerk reactions. Just because everyone says that there will be economic repercussions, that does not mean it is the end of the world. Remember, this is not the first time the world is hit by a crisis and this is definitely not the last time either.

As part of our continued partnership with Shopify; we have come up with a Limited period program wherein we shall provide INR 70000 (USD 1000) worth bespoke marketing and business intelligence services for free to businesses to focus on COVID-19 response strategy. This shall entail support services for business expansion, digital marketing, store development, UI/UX enhancement and much more for businesses to bring business back to usual.
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