Seventh Triangle Consulting is an eCommerce-focused Growth Hacking firm with a track record of creating exceptional growth rate in eCommerce for consumer-oriented brands. Unlike regular agencies, we help our clients to understand their Brand positioning and achieving scale. We work with very selected early stage businesses who have the potential and eagerness to transition from being a seller/commodity to a brand.

Our story is older than Seventh Triangle itslef. We were bunch of college graduates straight out of college who did not want to join corporate jobs rather do something on our own. We did started up an ecommerce venture in 2013 which failed miserably by the end of 2014. Thats when we understood the real meaning of Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. We then simply followed the saying of our Childhood icon Bruce Lee,

"Adapt What is useful, Reject What is Useless, And Add What is Specifically your Own"


We made our mistakes in understanding business but then we imbibed the learnings which were useful, we let go what all activities and tasks which were useless and then add our skillsets to bring Seventh Triangle to existence.


Since, 2015 onwards, we have been consulting, helping, guiding, supporting and mentoring small and medium businesses to break the clutter and get growth in their area of operations. We have been helping businesses in marketing, strategy, data backed business intelligence to give them that edge whih is just sufficient to cut the clutter and get a breakaway.

Since then we have worked with almost 65 clients out of which 7 have been backed by PE/VC Funds post our engagement. We have developed over 107 different set of Business Intelligence applications which have helped management teams to take data backed decisions.

Finally, we carry a simple principle that size or coffers of a business should not become a restriction to take calculated risks to grow and achieve long term value for their stakeholders.



Sushant Gupta

Sushant is the Founder of Seventh Triangle Consulting. He is an Engineer by Education and Marketer by Passion. He has astute understanding of Digital Advertising, Tech and Strategy in the Ecommerce and Direct to Consumer space with over 10 years of experience. He has been a founder and promoter of multiple ecommerce startups himself. In his last assignment, he was a Co Founder of a VC funded leading fashion jewellery brand of India. He has been helping clients to understand their Brand positioning and scale up their business in an ROI efficient manner.

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Vikas Chauhan

Vikas has nearly 7 years of experience in building customer centric web and mobile applications into ecommerce domain. He has acquired deep skills in Technology and UI/UX Designing. He has headed an online hyperlocal marketplace platform as a product manager in the previous company. He is well versed with the different aspects of the product, Analysis, Prioritising Features, and Agile Development Process.

A prolific footballer, Vikas is a die hard Liverpool fan. He still religiously watches everyday, Liverpool winning Champions League Final in Istanbul 2005 in the penalty shootout. 


Our work ethic is very simple; Success and Failure cannot be guaranteed but honesty and integrity is something which is absolutely required. Our team is a combination of people who are Smart, Relevant and have the ability to think outside the box. We work with people who are passionate and walk the talk.

If you think you are up for it, please write to hello@seventhtriangle.com